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Corporate culture

1.Corporate Spirit:
Truth-seeking, pragmatic, innovative, indomitable, advancing despite difficulties
2. Business philosophy:
Quality-oriented, integrity first, servicing the market, dedicated to health
3. Operation strategy:
Build brand with quality, expand scale through advantages, be open-minded, and create a flagship
4.Development strategy:
Consolidate the foundation, build up strengths, speed up development but maintain a low profile
5. Factory management strategy:
Maintain regular management and win victories through unexpected tactics; survive through quality.
6. Work style:
Prompt reaction, fast action; never delay or deceive at work
7. The concept of quality management:
Quality is life and responsibility is of supreme importance.
8. Principle in life, at work and in doing business:
Low-profile, modest, down-to-earth, serious at work; serve the motherland and contributing to the society through industry
9. Management objectives:
“Zero accident” in safe production
“Zero defect” in product quality
“Zero downtime” in production equipment
“Zero complaints” in service quality
10. Factory motto:
Excellent work is achieved through diligence; a deed is accomplished through thought; action speaks louder than words.
11. Principle for selecting and employing people:
Ability is more important than diploma; competence is more important than titles; aptitude is more important than experience; in a word, we prioritize abilities and ethics over other factors.

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