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Knowledge peptide

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Polypeptide heat has been raised in the world, a lot of people playing the peptide brands, a lot of people in this train ride peptide can say a lot of units there is no registration, just do a network name or domain name; some do not have the product, Just plan a catchy title; some just have a problem, not enough depth research; it does not implement some research achievements; there is only in the laboratory, can not achieve industrial mass production; some people buy a peptide intermediate raw materials formulation into products; some are "mere copycat" imitation learn from others yixingbandian technology, but also to produce a "peptide" products here. In numerous polypeptide world, how to identify true peptide, pseudopeptide useful peptides, peptide useless, good peptide, peptide bad, as smoke and mirrors, moon in water. In this case, how to choose a peptide, "Contemporary Economy" published in the August 2006 "Eight see peptides teach you know a good" how to identify peptides discussed in detail, are briefly introduce the main methods to rates reader. Identification peptide, depends on its amino acid composition. Compound 2 to 6 amino acid chains linked to the formation of peptide bonds, known as the small peptides, which the highest value in any of the peptides, with strong activity and diversity, have important biological function, and its variety of physiological functions . Identification peptide, a peptide depends on the molecular weight of segment. Molecular weight segment in 1000 belong to the following small peptides. Molecular weight segment in 1000-5000 are belong to large peptides, compared with the small peptide, and its value is very different. Peptide more expensive than gold, and a large peptide is cheap, most of the physiological function of small peptides ten times larger than the peptide. Identifying peptides peptide depends on its content. Some hybrid peptide polypeptide content is very low, and to separate the proteolytic small peptides, peptide content is particularly high, its energy and the role several times higher than the former. Identification peptide, depends on its original base material is what proteins. Currently, the whole egg protein peptide better, casein protein, and soy protein is the best. These protein-based material and human proteins close to a high-quality protein. This protein catalyzed out by a plant protease peptides and synthetic peptide very similar to the human body, easily absorbed, easy to play a physiological function. Identification peptide, look at its production methods. Some molecular weight peptides not only made the level of unevenness, and contain chemicals, some even have pollution on the human body after eating only useless but harmful to human health. The plants produced by proteolytic degradation of plant protein peptide is the best. Followed by plant proteinase animal protein produced by the decomposition of the polypeptide is also very beneficial to the human body. This method produced polypeptides, not only eliminates the allergen animal and plant protein, and without any chemical residue, no bitter taste, odor, its unique flavor, aromatic scent.

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