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I. Introduction

The product is a new type of food for quickly compensating the collagen for the human body, which is made by using modern technology and elaborately developed scientific formula based on fish collagen powder, fructo-oligosaccharides, mulberry powder, and vitamins (E, C) as the main raw materials, under the guidance of the Nutrition Food Research Institute of Shandong University in line with the national standards for nutritional foods.

II. Product features:

1. 10g Peptide & Beauty TM fish collagen composite beverage richly contains 5000mg of pure collagen peptides;

2. 1000 Da (or less) super micro-molecular collagen is more susceptible to skin and easier to be absorbed by skin, and thus plays the role of beatifying skin; 

3. 10g Peptide & Beauty TM fish collagen composite beverage richly contains 1000mg of pure natural mulberry powder, which can play a better role of anti-oxidation in cooperation with collagen;

4. 10g Peptide & Beauty TM fish collagen composite beverage richly contains 4000mg of fructo-oligosaccharides, which can rapidly proliferate bifidobacteria and other probiotics proliferation agents in the intestine.

5. This product has no added pigments, which tastes good, and is easy to absorb. It is the purely natural high-quality and fashionable food for beauty care, and bone enhancement.

6. 1000 Da (or less) super micro molecular fish collagen powder.

7. Natural mulberry powder.

8. Fructo-oligosaccharides.

9. Vitamin E.

10. Vitamin C.

III. Product Efficacy

1. Inhibit melanin and whiten the skin;

2. Act on the dermal layer to defy aging;

3. Improve microcirculation, and remove freckles and wrinkles;

4. Shrink pores, and moisturize the skin;

5. Firm the skin and repair fine lines;

6. Get rid of dark circles and eliminate bags under the eyes;

7. Brighten and firm the skin and reverse aging;

8. Improve the intestinal flora, dredge the intestinal and moisturize the bowels

9. Improve sleep;

10. Enhance bone density;

11. Lock osteocalcin to prevent the loss of calcium.

IV. Methods of Use

Take 10g fish collagen composite beverage, and add about 80ml of hot water and then mix them for drinking. It is advisable to drink it 1 hour before sleep every day. Apply the marine collagen peptide silk mask once every other day. Use it both internally and externally can produce better effects.







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