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The products are extracted from malt by using biotechnology and by means of specialized equipment based on the elaborately selected high-quality barley malt as the raw material without adding any extra materials. The products are rich in vitamin E, most of the vitamin B, folic acid and minerals, such as, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and zinc and other natural substances; they also contain rich plant fibers, soluble sugars and carbohydrates, which can improve the gastrointestinal function, strengthen stomach and spleen, eliminate fatigue, and boost morale. At the same time, due to the malt flavor, they can also improve the taste of foods, highlight the flavor of products, and intensify the odor type of the carrier.

The products are widely used in the fortified foods and dairy products for infants, fortified solid dairy drink, breakfast milk, biscuits and other bakery products, malted milk, coffee, cereals, malt nougats, coated chocolate matrix, malt soda, pharmaceuticals, biotechnological substrate, and so on.

Color: Powder between yellow and brown, free of foreign impurities; a small amount of crushable black spots after solution are allowed. There is a small amount of precipitation after solution, which is a normal phenomenon.

Odor: the typical pleasant malt aroma.
Taste: the typical sweet taste with malt flavor, no peculiar smell.
Packaging: 20 kg/bag.


Physicochemical indexes
Item Index
Senses light yellow or yellow powder,Free of foreign impurities, with mellow and pure malt aroma
Protein (dry basis %) ≥4.2
Reducing sugar (glucose juice %) 39.0--60.0
PH value (10.0% water solution) ≥5.0
Acidity (mlNaOH/100g) ≤23.0
Loss on drying (%) ≤4.0
Ash (%) ≤2.0
Total number of colonies (cfu/g) ≤1000
Coliform (MPN/100g) ≤90
Fungal, yeast ≤50
Melamine shall not be detected

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