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Biological Products
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    Details: Pea peptide is made by using the directed restriction enzyme digestion technology for biological compound enzyme enzymolyzed peanut meal based on pea protein as the raw material. Pea peptide contains eight amino acids that the body cannot synthesize by itself,...
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    Details: EGG WHITE PEPTIDESEgg white peptide is kind of active polypeptide-albumen peptide by using enzyme method to hydrolyze egg white protein. The biological analysis and biological test results show that said hydrolytic polypeptide product  is a stable small molecu...
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    Details: Wheat peptide is a kind of  stable small molecular peptide by using enzyme method to hydrolyze wheat protein.Function:1) decreasing blood lipids, resisting thrombus, Restraining the cholesterol raising .2) Decreasing the blood sugar , improving Diabetes Sympto...
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    Details: Soybean peptide is the peptide mixture obtained through the separation and refinement of soy protein by means of acidic or enzymatic hydrolysis, which mainly contains micro-molecular peptides composed of 3 to 6 amino acids; it also contains a small amount of m...
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    Details: The collagen peptide produced by the company is the micro-molecular high-purity fish collagen peptide which can be completely absorbed by the human body obtained through biotechnological fermentation and purification based on the scales of the safe and polluti...
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    Details: The products are extracted from malt by using biotechnology and by means of specialized equipment based on the elaborately selected high-quality barley malt as the raw material without adding any extra materials. The products are rich in vitamin E, most of the...
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